Standard Shipping Rates:
  •   FREE SHIPPING (U.S.): Arrives within 6 - 8 Business Days.
  •  INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Ships within 3 - 5 business days and delivers within 1 week of arriving in your country (7-14 business days).
 **Subject to fluctuation. Reach out directly for more information**
When will my order ship?
Saint Terror orders will ship out the same week if the order if the order only has premade items. If your order has any made to order items in it, we will set anything we have in stock aside as the production continues for your made to order piece. These custom pieces take roughly 6-8 weeks to manufacture, where it is then mailed to us to process to all my Heretics. 
Do you accept returns for exchanges or refunds?
We are happy to accept returns or exchanges that fall under our policies! Use our Contact Form to reach our team and quickly initiate that easy process! Below you’ll find our guidelines regarding all situations you may find yourself in.
Exchanges and Damage Warranty
You will have 30 days after order arrival to let us know if a piece of jewelry is damaged. All items that are received damaged are subject to replacement. If we have it in stock, then we will send another piece out instantly, otherwise, we will provide the credit you can use of equal value to replace it or to get something else.  Below you’ll find exactly how to do so for the fastest return possible! Customers are expected to pay for postage in these scenarios.
Return Address:
Saint Terror
613 Hudson St
Ithaca, NY