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My whole life I've been obsessed with creating characters and building fantasy stories that I would live inside of. Saint Terror is the character I live through as I narrate tales given through our jewelry. All of the pieces represent various characters that exist within my lore.

Even more so, when I was young, it was through these fantasy realms that helped me find other people I could resonate with when there wasn't anyone around to share my passions with. As much as I love creating beautiful objects, I want to use my art as a way to connect people together through the community I build.

Our Mission and Vision

https://gem-3910432.netMy goal through this project is to create a community of people who enjoy my lore and bring people together while giving them accessories that help them express the truest sides of themselves. I'm always listening and learning, challenging my capabilities while constantly improving quality and execution.

Right now our focus is to gamify the fashion experience through developing a Trading Card Game and Videogame that dives further into the World of Terror. 

I give you my thanks and ask for your hand...

- Saint Terror


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