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Saint Terror pieces are all carefully crafted by hand out of the finest metals and durable fabrics to make sure you have a piece that will last you. These creations all come from this dark fantasy realm I live in, based on different creatures I create in a world called Darkworlde.
Please indulge and enjoy.
Also keep in mind that most pieces are custom made to order the moment you decide to purchase, thus takes 4 weeks on average to manufacturer, package, then ship. Please allow patience for our delicate process and feel free to contact for any questions

Shipping and Production

Everything made to order custom for you only! Pieces take 5-6weeks to make, depending on the piece, but 3 business days to ship domestic. 10 days to ship international.

REFUNDS CAN ONLY BE MADE WITHIN THE FIRST 3 DAYS OF AN ORDER AS EVERYTHING IS MADE TO ORDER CUSTOM. We can not process a refund when production has already started.


Everything quality tested to meet the Saint Terror Standard