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Antikhrist 2: Chapter 1 'Cathedrals at Dusk'

Creatures in Saint Terror's world live in a realm called Darkworlde. Within this realm lies the Kult of Terror, lead by a counsel of authority named the Darklordes. A Darklorde holds the ultimate power of creation through magic powered by pain and suffering, transmuting it into something greater for their underlings. 

We reside in a Cathedral high in the mountains where we lead lost souls and hold our rituals at dusk. Chapter 1 begins.

Antikhrist 2 is a 3 month Season with drops coming every 2 weeks. You can expect women's, men's, and unisex clothing in addition to jewelry, accessories, and home décor. 

Shipping and Production

Everything made to order custom for you only! Pieces take 1-3 weeks to make, depending on the piece, but 3 business days to ship domestic. 10 days to ship international


Everything quality tested to meet the Saint Terror Standard